The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken it's toll on so many of us. Artists have lost their means of employment, and all public performances are cancelled. In an effort to provide financial support, and keep art alive I began reaching out to professional operatic and musical theater crossover singers I know to create a playlist of our music that can be streamed for royalties.


With hundreds of followers, and thousands of listeners already we are thrilled to see such enthusiastic support for this cause. Every stream, save, and follow provides these artists with income that can help defray the income lost from cancelled performances due to COVID-19. Thank you!

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Below are instructions on how to set up your FREE account and support these artists by streaming, saving, following, and enjoying their music.

2.If you do not have Spotify, this will redirect you to a sign up or sign in page. Simply follow the process to sign up (you can choose a free account, or a subscription. Up to you!). Once you are logged into your account, you will be able to listen to the playlist.

3. If you want to follow the page click the heart underneath the name, or if you have the Spotify app click the "follow" button.

4. Next, if you have the time and want to help as much as possible, you can click the 3 horizontal dots that appear to the right of each song's title, before the time of the track. It will say "save this song". Click to save.

5. Finally, if you want to put the playlist on stream in the background of your day, you can turn the "repeat" button on to keep the playlist playing once you've listened to each song.

If you're a classical singing artist who wants their music featured on the playlist, please CONTACT John with your name and a Spotify link to the music you'd like to submit!


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